The House Finance Committee voted 18 - 8 in favor of Medicaid Expansion in their committee meeting on March 3.  This bill will next go to the Full House on March 9.

These representatives voted to massively increase the size and scope of government:

Mary Allen(r)Mary Jane Wallner(d)
Richard Barry(r)Sharon Nordgrena(d)
Karen Umberger(r)Marjorie Smith(d)
Betsy McKinney(r)Dan Eaton(d)
Timothy Twombly(r)Peter Leishman(d)
David Danielson(r)Cindy Rosenwald(d)
Dick Hinch(r) (sitting in for Tracy Emerick(r))Thomas Buco(d)
William Hatch(d)
Catherine Rogers(d)
Susan Ford(d)
Robert Walsh(d)

Those representative who voted against massively increasing state spending:

Neil Kurk(r)
Lynne Ober(r)
Ken Weyler(r)
Dan McGuire(r)
Frank Edelblut(r)
Joseph Pitre(r)
Frank Byron(r)
Peter Spanos(r)