shell shell shell shell with money
182K 43.40% $0.00 $701.53
The number of New Hampshire residents receiving Medicaid dollars as of January 1, 2016.
Percentage increase in recipients since Expanded Medicaid was passed (SB413) in 2013.
Money required to be paid by each Expanded Medicaid recipent for services.
Dollars taken from taxpayers and given by the NH DHHS to insurance companies to pay for each recipient each month.
washer doctor bag votes calendar
$500M $1.79B 201 2016
The "federal" dollars that will be laundered from taxpayers to insurance cronies and bureaucrats.
How much Catholic Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the Elliot and Exeter Hospitals made in 2013. The number of votes needed in the NH House to kill Medicaid Expansion and STOP the NH Income Tax. The last year to stop Medicaid Expansion dead in its tracks.

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