The Taxman Cometh
Late Night with Lenette discusses the background of Medicaid Expansion and why it's going to lead to a broad based tax.
House Finance Committee votes 18 - 8 to pass Medicaid Expansion
Click on headline to find out how each representative voted.
They.... never.... stop.....
The New Hampshire House Health and Human Services (HHS) committee scheduled an abnormally early 7:30 committee meeting to attempt to pass HB1690, the Democrat version of Medicaid Expansion.  It.... never.... goes.... away....
Representatives who vote badly
Republicans who vote to bring Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion deeper into New Hampshire violate Republican values of individual freedom, limited government, and health care choice.  See if your state representative is on the "F" list.
New Hampshire's Medicaid Expansion Fraud:  Granite Staters will pay the price
"There is nothing in the legislation that guarantees hospitals and providers will actually pay for the Medicaid Enhancement Tax gimmick....there is nothing sun setting the bill if the Medicaid Enhancement Tax disappears or if hospitals and providers don’t pay."
"Granite State taxpayers will be forced to somehow come up with that money in the form of an income and or sales tax."

12 Reasons Why Medicaid Expansion is a Terrible Idea
It lowers the quality of health care overall.  It costs more.  It increases private insurance costs.  It crowds out other health care options.  And the federal government is running out of money to pay for it.  Need more reasons?  Click here.